Pre-sale inspection for home buyers

This is an important part of the purchasing process. A DUN-RITE inspection gives the buyers more detailed information about the home they are about to purchase.

Pre-listing inspection for home sellers

A DUN-RITE inspection give the current owner a good idea of what the purchaser may find, avoiding surprises and allowing them to make necessary repairs before listing their home.

New home warranty expiration inspection

If you purchased a new home and it still has a warranty from the builder, you might want to consider having a professional home inspection before the warranty expires.


Inspection before, during or after renovating your home could save you thousands of dollars. Knowing what repairs may also be needed in addition to or related to your planned renovation will help with budgeting.

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Buying a home is the largest investment most consumers will ever make. Before buying, you should know what condition the home is in and what repairs might be needed. Hiring a qualified home inspector to examine a home can help you to make an informed decision about its condition.

Some homeowners also have their place inspected so they can get any defects fixed under their new home warranty before it runs out.

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